About Us

Syona International, is a diversified global trading firm, strongly driven by customer centricity, and has, over the years, formed strategic alliances and partnerships in wide ranging sectors, with companies of global repute, that have reinforced our role as preferred partner in India as well as international business.
We also have long-term representation agreements, marketing and distribution tie-ups with reputable manufacturers.
Drawing on our strength of deep knowledge of global trading and in-house engineering expertise, our current operations have expanded to include tailor-made turnkey solutions, product re-engineering, value added manufacturing, and services in the area of engineering product design, development, prototyping with tie-ups with local firms for production.
All in all, we are committed to being a responsible global player that continuously strives to expand and build on its strength to add value and consistently exceed client expectations.


Major Offerings

  • Design Development and manufacture of custom built turnkey solution
  • Centrifugal Clutches
  • Tailor made Renewable energy solutions
  • CNG/Producer Gas Generating sets

  • Construction Machinery and spare parts
  • Earthmoving machinery and spare parts
  • Agricultural equipment, machinery and spare parts
  • Diesel / CNG/ PRODUCER GAS Engines, Generating sets and spare parts
  • Oil and Gas equipment and parts
  • Diesel driven/motor driven Pumpsets, Special pumpsets, and spare parts
  • Auto Components

  • Consultancy to OEM’s and Indian companies looking to benefit from the Industrial participation policy in India’s Defence Procurement Policy

  • Designing, development and prototyping of capital goods, components

  • CAD conversion and migration services that can cover all your paper drawing, blueprints and files from other CAD software platforms and ensure migration of.

o    Geometry of parts/assemblies

o    Design information such as material, part attributes, features, etc

o    Components relationship with other parts, subassemblies and assemblies

o    Integrating CAD data's relationship with other systems in the company

o    Relationship with product data or life cycle management system